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  1. Dale Curry says:

    Sunday School questions

    Last Sunday my class didn’t get to answer all the questions in our book about the dvd creation story we watched, but here’s some of the answers to some of the questions we discussed. Hope it will be interesting reading for you. Feel free to add your input.

    One of the first questions was: “If you could take a walk with God in the perfect garden of paradise, just like you would with a friend, what would you ask him and why?”
    Our answers included: How do I get to know You better? Why are there so many wars? What if Eve ate the apple in the garden but Adam didn’t? Why did Eve eat the apple? Why does everyone in the whole world think they are so right about their faith? Why did You leave it up to faith instead of giving us more concrete evidence? How do I make my life more sincere? Why is there so much suffering and why do You choose to give me strength to deal with it? How can I be a better parent?

    The second question asked: In a normal day, what gets in the way of you taking a walk with God and talking about what is on your heart?

    Our answers included: the busyness of everyday life; having to earn a living and paying the bills; appointment; anger; wondering if it really does any good and is God really listening.

    Good discussions in our class. Hope you will be part of one of our classes this Sunday.

  2. Dale Curry says:

    Sunday’s “in the beginning” was a great start for us as we began The Story in Sunday School and worship. Right off the bat we find the main character in the story is not you or me. It’s God. And the rest of The Story will unfold out of the nature and person of this character. Just ten words in and there is enough action to leave you breathless.
    It doesn’t take long to find out what God’s great passion is. Birds? Nope. Animals? Not quite. Sun, moon or stars? Bright guess. No, in Genesis 3:8 we find that God is walking in the Garden with Adam and Eve in the “cool of the day.” Sounds nice if you are in a hot, humid climate, doesn’t it? And yet the “cool of the day” is not the focus.
    God is, and he is near. He is right with Adam and Eve. And he is right here with us. His simple vision for his creation was to spend time with them every day, to take a walk with them. God’s supreme passion is to be with us.
    From the beginning he has shown us that he wants to be in a relationship with us. He did with Adam and Eve and He does with each one of us. What if you went for a walk with God this week? It could be very interesting.

  3. pastordale says:

    So excited that we have almost 50 people who have “put it on paper” that they are participating in the second Great Scripture Reading Challenge. It all starts tomorrow (Ash Wednesday) and runs through Easter Sunday. Please contact the church if you want to participate.

  4. admin says:

    I am truly blessed by all the people I work with in the media and audio of the church. They’ve really been a blessing and the small core have stepped up to learn all the facets. It’s been a blessing to have people willing to help continue the growth of the church and to be willing to step in at a moments notice.

  5. pastordale says:

    So grateful for all the people who have already signed up for our second “Great Scripture Reading Challenge.” Many of us from the congregation are reading the same scriptures all during Lent. Others are invited to join. We are starting with the Gospel of John on Wednesday, February 22 and we are reading one chapter per day until we have finished the gospel.

  6. Shellena Smith says:

    I am grateful for God’s grace and mercy each day. I am thankful for His continual guidance, especially as of late as I have been navigating some murky waters. He has truly blessed me in unexpected ways.

  7. Dale says:

    Grateful for those who are stepping up to help with our puppet ministry. Actually seems like now it might get off the ground. Getting unexpected phone calls about ways to help. Grateful for all involved who are responding to God’s call by using their gifts.

  8. Mandy Goff says:

    Grateful that the Lord is in control of every situation, every time. Had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders recently. I praise the Father for taking care of his children. To those who feel they will buckle under the pressure, hold steadfast in the Lord, for He will see you through!

  9. Dale says:

    Grateful I get to baptize someone on Sunday. Can hardly believe that I get to do this once in a while. The best part about my job!!!

  10. Dale says:

    Blessed by all the people who volunteer at Upward. Taylor, Marsha and Mikeal are there every game day, plus there’s always lots of others who work the varied jobs which make sure Upward runs smoothly. Grateful for the coaches, and referees. Just a blessing to be part of the program.

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